NCA ASN in Dallas… Just a Few Days Away!

To the winner go the spoils!

That’s right, it’s almost time for NCA All-Star Nationals in Dallas!  And just about everyone in the cheer world is buzzing about it.

Want to see what people are saying?  Just do a search of NCA on Twitter and see all the posts that come up (of course not all of them have to do with the same NCA… but you’ll get the picture).

Cheerleaders, dancers, coaches, directors, gym owners, and even parents are letting the world know they’re getting ready for NCA in Dallas this weekend!  My personal fave was a cheer dad that tweeted he’s putting his ‘album’s progress on hold’ until after NCA.

True, life can seem to come to a stop for huge events like this.  Even here in the NCA office just about everything is revolving around All-Star Nationals…or as we like to call it ASN.  And while some of us are still here in the office getting things ready we already have a crew at the Dallas Convention Center beginning the huge task of setting up for the “Superbowl of Cheerleading!”

I know some out there are painfully waiting out these last few days before it all gets started.  So I thought these pics from the first day of setup might help ease the pain 🙂  Enjoy!

– TT

NCA All-Star Nationals page


The famous Arena before the lights are hoisted.

Practice Room

ASN Practice Room before the mats get rolled out.


Just a few of the trucks needed to turn the DCC from convention center to epicenter of all-star cheer.

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Welcome to Behind the Megaphone!

Hello Cheer Coaches, Cheerleaders, Cheer Professionals, and Cheer Enthusiasts!

Welcome to my first blog post.  So what is “Behind the Megaphone”?

My goal with this blog is to present information from Behind the Megaphone — so that others can see what really goes on inside the world of cheerleading, from the perspective of someone that works in the corporate office at NCA.

Along with the behind the scenes stuff, you can also look forward to pictures, videos, links to interesting cheer stuff, breaking news, explanation (there’s plenty going on these days in the cheer world that needs explanation), open discussion on the hottest cheer topics and basically anything and everything cheer related that I think is important to cover.  And this wouldn’t be a cheer blog without some tips and ideas for Cheer Coaches and Cheerleaders alike, so I’ll throw those in from time to time as well.  Have something you’d like to know more about?  Give me a shout.

That’s all for now folks.  Stay tuned and I’ll give you a little look at what really happens in the cheer industry… behind the megaphone.

– TT

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