Behind the Megaphone is THE place to find cheer news and info you won’t find anywhere else! 
Ok, honestly… you might find it somewhere else but what sets this blog apart from other cheer blogs out there is that, as the name states, you’ll hear everything from the perspective of someone that actually lives and works (queue booming announcer voice) ‘behind the megaphone’.
I’m Tyler Torres and I started working for the National Cheerleaders Association in 2001 teaching summer camps.  Now, I work in the NCA Corporate Office in Garland, Texas as an NCA State Director.  Never did I ever imagine I’d make a career out of CHEERLEADING but alas, here I am.  With my office nestled between the Sr. Vice President of NCA/NDA (Bill Patterson) and the Vice President of Varsity All Star (Justin Carrier) I manage to hear some of the latest info, news, changes, and cheer buzz in general.  Granted there are other “Cheer Professionals” out there with blogs, twitter, and facebook accounts that spout all sorts of cheer info… but I’m going to give it to you like you’ve never seen it.  I’ll peel off the shiny “corporate” façade and give it to you straight.  My goal is to keep you informed, entertained, and offer up some ideas once in awhile.  Comments and suggestions are always welcome – if there’s something you want to know, ask me and maybe it’ll be a post next week. 

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