Summer’s Coming!

And I’m back with a new post!

Sorry for the monthlong hiatus, April was a BEAST… Don’t worry, I’ll fill you in on all that happened over the next few weeks.  Here’s a little teaser, Worlds = Amazing!

Hard to believe it’s already mid May.  Even harder to believe that Summer Camps start in just 2 weeks!  NCA Camp at Millsaps College in Mississippi starts promptly at 2pm May 26 — who’s ready for Opening Rally?!

Yes, it’s almost time for Summer Camp.  Coaches are making final plans, NCA Staff is working hard to perfect this summer’s material, and our Warehouse here at the NCA office is getting ready to ship thousands of ribbons, trophies, and Spirit Sticks!  This girl knows what I’m talking about…

Summer Camp in May might seem crazy to anyone in California or Pennsylvania that go to camp in mid-late August.  But in Oklahoma, Mississippi, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, and Kansas — cheer camp in May is a long tradition.

A favorite memory from my NCA Staff days is starting every summer off at the first SMU Camp in Dallas, the last week of May.

We used to do our own little cookout at the Phi Delt frat house since we never really got a real ‘Memorial Day’ weekend.  And who can forget the year we thought tornadoes were going to blow us all away.

Ahhh memories!  I loved that frat house, so much I used to take stunt pictures out in front, check it out.  It was like my summer home for 5 years straight!

Be sure to check out the recent post on the America Needs Cheerleaders blog by Jenni Parrish about Summer Camp Memories.  Feel free to comment with your favorite memories too.

With summer coming up, I’ll be devoting a little bit of every post to Summer Camp for a while.  Have something you’ve always wanted to know about NCA Camp or NCA Staff?  Or maybe you want to know more about a specific NCA camp?  Hit me up (FB, Twitter, email) and maybe your question will be answered in an upcoming post.

All the cool kids will be rockin’ it out at NCA Summer Camp this year!  There’s still time to get registered – click here to find a camp near you.

That’s all for now… glad to be back!

– TT

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